About Me

I am a self taught game programmer. What I lack in formal training however I feel that I make up in passion. I have worked for most of my life as a health professional, but had always been fascinated by games and how they were made. A few years ago I decided to not just play games, but learn how to make them. So began a journey which is only now beginning to gain pace.

I decided early on I wanted to learn it all right down to the pixels, hence the software renderer. I’m certainly no academic, and have had to¬† sweat long and hard over the math and methods. However there is something deeply satisfying about creating a virtual world from pages of code, much like a vision summoned from some runic script!

I use Visual Studio and write in C++, though I use so few of the features of that language it may as well be C. I like to keep things simple, just structs, arrays and a basket of enums. My debugging is mostly printf, and while it’s worked fine over the years that is one of the things I’d really like to get more rigorous with.

If you want to follow a layman whose had to figure it out the hard way I’m your man!

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